Dhr. Zerkowitz, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Dear Mr. Schoeters,Refernce: AQP 0402 and 0402AThis is just a short note to let you know that the work has been completed today. May I say that the work delivered by the two young technicians is excellent, really very very professional. I would really like to say that they were very efficient and very enthusiastic about their work. They explained everything to us, did a great job and afterwards cleaned everything up as if there had been no major works at all.I can only congratulate you on having such excellent manpower at your disposal.We will now await the results and if this side of the cellar remains dry (as I expect it will of course) we will probably have the other side done also because it seems like some water is seeping in also there. But this will be for later.Once more many thanks and if you meet the two technicians, please tell them how pleased we are with their work and attitude. They are really very nice, professional experts.All th very best,Steve Zerkowitz

Dhr. Zerkowitz - Sint-Stevens-Woluwe - 23/06/2016